Little Buckaroo Ranch
18320 Hamilton Pool Road
Austin, TX 78738

Cowgirl & Indian Camp

Little Buckaroo Ranch offers cowgirls & Indians, ages 5-6, an introduction to basic horse care, safe horse handling & riding on Little Buckaroo miniature horses and ponies. On the first morning of camp, the cowgirls help ranch hands with routine chores, making sure the water buckets are full and fresh. They will groom the miniature horses & learn the wrangler's vocabulary describing the color & markings of the horses. Saddle up for rides in the OK Corral. Design a brand & paint it on the pony to mark it as part of your herd. Then mosey on down for a snack with lemonade under the shade trees.

During the second morning session, the Indians will play the circle game in the OK Corral to control a horse without use of ropes or spurs. Learn what it takes to ask a horse to follow you without the use of a leadline. Ride like Indians! Next, use signs & symbols to decorate the tribe's teepee. Before hitting the trail for home, we'll enjoy making s'mores together.

Give the folks at Little Buckaroo Ranch a call at 512-264-2383 or email us at for the camp schedule and get your cowgirl registered today.

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